Grammar Clinic

Michael Haasche (English trainer in adult education)

15.02.2020, 10:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr (6 UStd.)

Teaching and learning grammar has always been a controversial topic in language courses. For various reasons it is both appreciated and loathed by students and teachers alike.

By making the students‘ communicative skills front and center of the adult education language class, the presentation of grammar has shifted from rule-based, teacher-centered, explicit teaching to a more implicit, natural, learner-based method. However, some teachers may still feel more comfortable with the former type of conveying grammatical structures since implicit learning requires a classroom context that mimics the natural language environment to a greater extent. Also, today’s adult education coursebooks usually come with a reduced amount of explicit grammar exercises.

The English grammar is generally simpler than others. However, major difficulties arise when differences and similarities between languages aren’t clearly understood.

We are going to work on key English-German differences that learners often struggle with: word order, tenses, modality, passiviziation, reflexivity, and more. And we will talk about tricky aspects oft the English grammar, particularly for speakers of German. Please also bring your questions!

We are going to have a look at advantages and disadvantages of different teaching approaches and their practical implications for our English courses as well as at the English grammar itself so that sentences such as „We´ll meet us on the weekend“ might soon belong to the past.

Lehrende, Kursleitende, Trainer/-innen, Pädagogische Mitarbeiter/-innen

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Gabriele Pfitzner