Round Table English
Small Talk – The Art of Engagement in the ESL classroom

Antony Birks (Englisch-Dozent, Dipl.-Soziologe und Executive Coach)

13.11.2020, 14:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr (4 UStd.)


Within this workshop, let us discuss the importance of small talk as a skillset for not just our students but also our ability to gain trust from those who we work with.

Some of the topics to be discussed and examined are:

  • The acceptable and non-acceptable topics of small talk

  • What personal and private information are we willing to share with others?

  • The purpose of role-playing and small-talking within the conversational lesson

  • Small Talk the ability to build trust

  • Truly listening? Examining the different types of listening

  • Overcoming shyness and developing courage - the ability to speak with others

  • The fallacy of getting something wrong when speaking

  • Small Talk - preparational skillset to start every interaction

  • Understanding social-distancing (civil inattentiveness)

  • The importance of an international perspective

Let us examine and discuss not only the ‚hows‘ but also the ‚whys‘ of using small talk as a positive and active part of teaching and learning in our modern world.



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