Round Table English
Small Talk – The Art of Engagement in the ESL Classroom (in a Post-Covid society)

Antony Birks (Englisch-Dozent, Dipl.-Soziologe und Executive Coach) , Antonia Werschke (AEWB)

05.11.2021, 14:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr (4 UStd.)


Within this workshop, let’s discuss some of the ‘taken-for-granted’ issues around the important skillset of small talk.


Some of the topics to be discussed:


  • Small Talk – and how it facilitates trust (teacher/learner)
  • The purpose of role-playing and small talking within the conversational lesson
  • What personal and private information are we willing to share with others?
  • Truly listening (the different types of listening)
  • Overcoming shyness and developing courage
  • Is it still possible to small talk during an online lesson?


And finally, let us consider whether small talk has changed -- owing to the recent pandemic and the changes in our use of body language (mask-wearing and physical distancing). In a Post-Covid world – now having to slow down more and be less optimal/efficient - will the art of small talk still permit us to communicate with others more easily?

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