Round Table English
Open Non-Conference

Antony Birks (Englisch-Dozent, Dipl.-Soziologe und Executive Coach) , Dr. Eva C. Heesen (AEWB)

10.03.2023, 14:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr (4 UStd.)


The Open Non-Conference or “Open Non-Con” is an open forum/roundtable to discuss authentic problems and to offer possible solutions which are currently affecting us - as teachers, trainers, administrators, facilitators, etc.

The topics and content will be provided by the attendees on the day. Almost nothing is taboo but the conversation should remain positive – finding solutions rather than dwelling on the issues or problems. This event has proven to be incredibly successful over the years and there is also enough time to talk with others in an open and informal atmosphere.




Lehrende, Kursleitende, Trainer/-innen, Pädagogische Mitarbeiter/-innen und andere Interessierte


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