Round Table English
Open Non-Conference

Stephanie Hüllmann (AEWB) , Antony Birks (Englisch-Dozent, Dipl.-Soziologe und Executive Coach)

18.03.2022, 14:30 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr (4 UStd.)


The Open Non-Conference or Open Non-Con is an open forum to discuss authentic problems and questions which affect us all - as teachers, trainers, expats, administrators, facilitators, etc. The content will be provided by us, the attendees, either before or on the day of the Open Non-Con.


For example: Someone would like to introduce or discuss a new text book; someone is looking for something special for a particular student; dealing with or working with an awkward colleague or boss; someone would like some tips on teaching a specific grammar issue, or working with technology; someone is looking for some tips on reducing stress; etc.


Each attendee is given the opportunity to decide upon two topics which they are interested in participating in. Towards the end of the Open Non-Con there will be time to reflect and share group findings.


Lehrende, Kursleitende, Trainer/-innen, Pädagogische Mitarbeiter/-innen und andere Interessierte


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